Nothing to do with trains

Because I’m having a week with the Thailand branch of the Duthy-James/Reed family. I’m finding how a farmer in the southeast of Thailand makes his living, and getting to spend time with my grand daughter, Alice Linda Barbara. This is a rare photograph where she is actually sitting still and not either escaping, annoying the […]

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Balloon watching.

When one is just stepping out of the shower and hears a balloon on approach there is only one thing to do. Get dressed, fast, and go watch what is going to be a technical landing in the market square. Nicely done. The pilot and I had met before, it turned out. Flying in France. […]

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To Inle Lake on the slow train

Actually, the train from Mandalay to Thazi is fairly quick. The whole story is that I arrived in Mandalay from Hsipaw at nine in the evening, after leaving at a civilised hour. The same scenery as on the way there, but from a comfortable upper class seat. There are actually a surprising number of freight […]

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Up into the hills

From Bagan to Mandalay the river is the way to go. Onward through Pyn Oo Pwin to Hsipaw is by the narrow gauge, built by the British in colonial days. The famous Goitek viaduct was actually built by America, but we won’t talk about that here. Even if they built a pretty good bridge. I […]

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Bagan and The Irawaddy River

It may be that you think this blog is about trains. So it is, but also about a vanished way of travel, seeing some of the world the slow way. Not as slow as walking, but still at ground level. Yesterday was Monday. I had to think hard about that. So, Monday was mostly temples. […]

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A choice of temples

This morning the train rolled in to Bagan an hour or so late, but without major contretemps. A sad lack of restaurant car would have meant a picnic even without being in a “special” sleeper, with no access to the rest of the train. Balanced by the happy circumstance of having it to myself. Picnic […]

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On trains and their stations

So why do we say Bus Station and then get all hot and bothered when others say Train Station? I’ve always said Railway Station but I don’t say Road Station, after all. I need to think about this some more. Or, if anyone is reading this, perhaps they could comment? Moulmein railway station looks tired. […]

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The night bus to Burma

It had to be. That or an aeroplane if I wanted to get to Moulmein. So, gritting my teeth, i traveled to the chaos that was Mo Chit bus station. Google maps lied to me once again. The stop on the MRT blue line is not 390m from the bus station. It’s a generous two […]

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