Do I look Russian?

I’m only asking, as today while I was being a tourist, taking photos, looking at the metro map, stuff like that, no less than eight people came up to me and addressed me in a language in which I know approximately six words. OK, eight if you count vodka sok. I’m afraid that, whatever it […]

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Moscow in the rain

Which, it turns out is not a problem. First, a bit more about Kiev. Non train lovers who are here by mistake may skip this. Or maybe they will want to know how to get from station to town. Turns out the picture in my previous post is actually of the back of the station, […]

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Kiev for the day

Train from Warsaw yesterday. It’s overnight, not what you would call fast. No, not really this one, but i suspect it wouldn’t have been a lot slower. This is the museum exhibit at Kiev station. I shared a compartment with two women and their luggage. About three times their size and weight. The photo doesn’t […]

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Jelenia Góra to Warsaw

With minor diversions such as walking Irena’s dog, Mona. This is Wednesday. First in the dog park as she has a slight tendency to escape and chase deer. The dog, that is. Followed by a walk in the woods Some gentle shopping, essentials such as beer to drink on the train, and optional extras such […]

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Time off for a visit

I have good friends in the south of Poland, who when they heard of this trip, invited me to stay with them. Cheerfully oblivious to the route of most of the trains heading for Moscow, they said it wouldn’t be much further for me, and anyway I wasn’t given any choice. Jelenia Góra is a […]

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Rather later than plan A

The service disruption was apparently caused by a major storm in Germany. Which took out a lot of lines due to trees falling on them. Also a bridge or two. Today I am traveling by a different route, rather later than I intended, and on a delayed train. So, different connections, which may still be […]

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Day one, Poitiers to Berlin

Drive to the station, as there is no longer an early train from Montmorillon on Saturday. Thank you, SNCF. Breakfast before the 9:28 to Strasbourg. And a speedy journey in a nice new train. Four hours through green but boring countryside. Which isn’t bad, to the far East (east of France anyway). Strasbourg was fun. […]

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Less than a week to departure

Last week I had to travel over to the UK to bring a car to France. So it seemed like a good idea to go train and boat, thus avoiding expensive taxis from airports in the middle of nowhere. I also got to visit one of the most elegant railway stations (not train stations, please, […]

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Think I might be ready to go

Ok, I have all the Visas that need doing in advance, vaccinations, all the tickets as far as Hanoi are booked. No excuse not to leave on the 7 October. Except that SNCF have decided we don’t need an early train to Poitiers on Saturday any more. So my S.O will drive me there. And […]

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