Cathedrals in Wood

It always used to be, back when I holidayed in France as a child, that the roads were lined with trees. Then some numpty in Elfin Safety decided this was a danger to motorists, sleepy after an aperitif , three course lunch with a bottle of wine and digestive, as sometimes a tree would leap […]

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Moving on

I’m packing up the van to move further south. So far I’ve tested the route on this Camino as far as Bazas, found some better ways than the original plan, and given the new trike a good testing. I was a bit dubious about the gear ratios, which are actually not too difficult on hills […]

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Testing, testing

Today was fun. Flying around the French countryside on my new and scary fast trike looking for the best route between Echourgnac and Montpon-Mensterol, two places that only the inhabitants have heard of. So far we have the cultural option via the preserved 19th century farm and the Watermill with art gallery and boat trips, […]

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On a trike. Which is great until the road changes into a flight of stairs. Hmm. Its pretty, it has a Saint James Church, another Church that’s mostly carved into the hill, lots of places to sit in the sun and drink wine. Fascinating. They have concerts, the acoustic quality is awesome.

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Trike round a lake

Round the Lac d’Annecy on the trike that will be doing the Camino from Ch√Ętellerault to Somport Because I had to test it, and the sun was shining on the lake, which really is that bright blue. Here is the trike, from Ona Bikes, presented by Diego, who sold it to me. Here is the […]

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Trikes for tracks

Today I’m collecting a trike more suited to riding on tracks. It is being delivered to my campsite, carefully chosen to be near Annecy lake. Should have looked at the contours when I saw it was called the Belvedere. Yep, it’s on a hill. Not that steep as hills go in this part of the […]

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I’m home

Via a train to Beijing, two nights in a charming hostel in a hutong, and a flight fuelled by G and T. More to follow

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Potty or Squatty?

Not that you will often get a choice. It’s just a digression, feel free to skip if you are easily offended by scatological detail. I will refrain from posting photos. Anywhere that gets a lot of North American tourists will be aware of two things at least (well, yes, more than two but this is […]

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The East is Red

Sesame oil, cabbage hearts, Wanna eat string beans, break off the tips, Get really lovesick if I don’t see you for three days, Hu-er-hai-yo, Oh dear, Third Brother mine. There, that’s not what you expected, is it? But it’s actually the original version. That’s what you get for browsing late at night. Here is what […]

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